Can the UK Feed Itself At No Extra Cost?

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A Maltby Street scene: Freddie the pug considers buying the £16 small plate or the oysters from Essex

Food Issues

Not Grabbing It By The Roots

A New Approach To End Hunger

The Farming Subsidy

Make It Cost-Effective

How Could Britain Feed Itself At No Extra Cost?

Minimum Calories & Nutrition

The Land Question

From Can Britain Feed Itself by Simon Fairlie in Land Magazine
From Can Britain Feed Itself by Simon Fairlie in Land Magazine

Chemical Vegan vs. Some Meat On The Land

Data from From Can Britain Feed Itself by Simon Fairlie in Land Magazine visualisation from Author. Cereals for animals are nearly the same as cereals for humans.

Chemical Vegan vs. Some Meat: What Can We Afford?

The Assumptions

Calories per £

Farm Gate Prices taken from UK Government datasets at Defra, calories from My Fitness Pal/Fairlie’s ‘Can Britain Feed Itself’, “meat” is the total of beef, lamb and poultry, “vegetables” are non-legume vegetables (mix of onions and parsnips).

The Some Meat Diet

Cost Calculation Example

Basic cost calculation:price per kg of meat = £2.01
(70 grams per day)*(365 days per year)*(66,800,000 people)
= 1,706,740,000 grams for UK population for one year
= 1,706,740 kilos
* £2.01 (price per kg)
= £3,428,306,483
The subsidy would only cover 36% of the cash required for the Some Meat diet
Milk and meat are prohibitively expensive to sustain. Much more spending is required to buy the same number of calories compared to oats.

Costs of the chemical vegan diet

Calculating Calories per £ of a food
Oats price per KG = £0.13
Calories per g = 3.9, calories per KG = 3,900
Calories per £ = Calories per KG / Price Per KG
= 3,900/£0.13
= 30,000 calories per £
Optimising how much gets spent on each food type simply looks at Calories per £ as a share of total calories per £ (shown in 3rd column in next table)

Option 2: Chemical Vegan, No Vegetable Constraints

Option 2: Chemical Vegan Prioritising 400g Vegetables

Won’t somebody think of the protein?

Comparison Conclusion

No Doubt It’s Dull


Cost Implications

Price Of Meat

Food Revenues


Benefits Beyond Hunger

The Spare Land & Other Benefits



Price of Crops



Conclusion and next steps

I don’t think people should have to struggle for food and I want to help change that through fair system changes. I am a big fan of tequila.

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